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1600X Magnifier HD Image Sensor 3 in 1 USB Digital Microscope with 8 LED & Professional Stand (Black)

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1. Universal rotating base: supports horizontal and vertical 360 degrees up and down, full field of view without dead angle observation, and the bottom has anti-skid effect.
2. Wire-controlled dimming: LED brightness can be controlled online, and the brightness can be adjusted and turned off by pushing the roller.
3. 3 in 1 interface: support USB, micro USB, Type-C interface, multiple functions, multiple options.
4. 1600X magnifies, capture clearly details. Built in 8 LED light. Premium handle, comfortable and durable.
5. The microscope is made up of high-quality IC and electronic components, with clear image quality, low power consumption, high-resolution, applies to small objects to be larger. Photo and video production,is the best choice of small objects recognization.
6. Microscope moveable stage is made of high quality plastic and metal, long serving life.
7. Parameters:
- Focus Mode: Manual
- Pixel size: 640x480
- Frame rate: 30F/s
- Signal-to-noise ratio: 42dB
- Sensitivity: 2.5V/Lux.s
- Light source: white LED
- Working current: 120mA max
- Working temperature: 20-75 degrees Celsius
- Signal transmission method: USN2.0
- Working humidity: 30-90%RH
- Power input: USB 5V
- Lens structure: 2G+1R
- Support system: Win10, Win8, Win7, XP, Mac
- Image sensor: 1/6.5 inch color CMOS