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10A Mini Smart WiFi Socket Small South Africa Plug Remote Control Timer Switch Electrical Power Adapter with Alexa

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1. Control your devices from everywhere: control your plug turn on or off with your smart phone no matter where you are. Schedule your plug to turn on or off at specific time.
2. Schedule automatically: with the time setting function, you can turn on/off your appliance based on specific time; perfect for cooking or lighting at dawn and dusk. Come back home with bright light and your household appliances working. Schedule the air condition to turn on before you arrive.
3. Works with Alexa: compatible with Amazon Echo voice-control devices. Give commands such as "Alexa, turn on the coffeemaker when I woke up" without having to reach for the switch all across the house yourself.
4. Easy to use: no hub or subscription required. Plug in the mini smart socket, download the free app. Control your lights and appliances from your smart phone or tablet.