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129dB Solar Alarm Light Human Body Induction Remote Control Alarm Farm Anti-theft Drive Object Sound and Light Alarm Light, Style:N911E English

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1. Weight: N911E 170g, N911C 220g
2. Dimensions: N911E 120×69 mm, N911C 140×90 mm
3. Material: ABS
4. Specifications: N911E solar panel 5V-0.8mA polycrystalline silicon, 6 LEDs flash red light, battery 3.7V-400mAH; N911C solar panel 5V-120mA polycrystalline silicon, 8 LEDs flash red light, battery 3.7V-1200mAH, flash visible at 1000 meters, alarm sound 129 decibels (1000 meters to hear clearly), waterproof grade IP65, sensing distance 5-8 meters (affected by ambient temperature), mode angle 125 degrees
5. Function: 24-hour sound and light alarm mode/24 hour flash silent alarm mode/night sound and light alarm mode/night flash silent alarm mode
6. Features: unique shape, beautiful and practical, environmentally friendly materials, solar charging, energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof and rainproof, easy operation, loud alarm sound, bright light, effective anti-theft, durable