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200X Handheld Wireless WIFI Digital Adjustable Microscope for IOS / Android Smart Phones(White)

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Product Description
1. This high quality wireless digital microscope (Wi-Fi) can magnify objects from 5X to 200X and transfer images & video taking by the microscope to 3G Smart phones tablet PC based on Android / IOS through WIFI.
2. Works with IOS (iPhone, iPad), Android smart phones and Tablet PC, the wireless microscope is perfect, visual assistance, textile industrial for textile inspection, printing inspection, industrial inspection (PCB, precision machinery), education purpose, skin and hair examination, microbiological observation, jewelry and coin (collections) inspection, etc.
3. Supplementary Light Source: built-in 8 White LED lights (dimmable)
4. Application Software: iOS, Android
5. Frame Rate: VGA 5 f/s under 600 LUX brightness
6. Brightness Control: manual adjustment
7. WiFi signal range: within 5 meters

Notes before use
1. Do not disassemble the Microscope or change the interior parts which may cause damages.
2. Do not clean the Microscope with alcohol organic solvents
3. Do not touch the lens with your fingers.
4. Try to Avoid outdoor use.
5. Operation temperature: 0~40 degree Celsius, Humidity: 45%RH ~ 85%RH.
6. In case the product gets wet, turn off WiFi connection immediately. And do not disassemble and dry by hair dryer.
7. WiFi signal range: within 5 meters.