328 Colorful PCS Waterproof High Toughness Oxidation Resistance Seal Heat Shrinkable Tube

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1. 358PCS colorful heat shrinkable tube
2. Rapid shrinkage, close fit, high toughness, anti-wear and anti-corrosion
3. Material: PE
4. Temperature resistance 125 degrees Celsius
5. Withstand voltage 0.6 (KV)
6. Scope of application: all kinds of home appliances / various electronic products / various photo lighting / digital products / communications automotive electronics / traffic instructions / urban lighting engineering industry
7. Product advantages: small size, simple and convenient installation, wide range of use, high frequency of use
8. Product size:
120pcs x φ1.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
60pcs x φ2.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
32pcs x φ3.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
32pcs x φ4.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
32pcs x φ6.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
20pcs x φ8.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
16pcs x φ10.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
16pcs x φ14.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)