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80mm Parallel / Serial Port + USB or Ethernet Port Thermal Receipt Printer (XPC2008)(Black)

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Application areas:
1. Electronic banking bills Print
2. Hospital Enterprises ticket printing
3. Sports postal civil aviation ticket printing
4. Supermarkets, shopping malls ticket printing
5. The hotel and catering bills Print
6. The tax bill receipt printing

Main Features:
1. 230 / 260mm / s high-speed printing
2. Support the kitchen printing, network printing
3. Support the cash box drive
4. Support a black mark detection and location capabilities
5. Small, lightweight, attractive appearance
6. A reasonable structure, use and maintenance is simple
7. The communication interface is optional parallel interface, serial interface USB or Ethernet (Ethernet) interface
8. Built-in data buffer can receive print data (print)
9. Character can zoom in, print bold, underline, adjustable character line spacing and spacing Print
10. Support different density bitmap and download graphics printing
11. Power consumption, low running costs
12. Compatible with ESC / POS print instruction set, each line of print characters and fonts optional
13. Supports network print status monitor computer multi-connected printing, advanced OPOS Drivers
14. Printer support identity verification, computer software, binding, drive high-speed print mode
15. Support for multiple languages
16. Support the paper will make the detection

1. Instructions x 1
2. Printer main break x 1
3. Parallel / serial communications cable x 1
4. Dedicated power adapter x 1
5. Test paper x 1