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SP880 Baby Monitor 960P Camera / Wireless Remote Monitoring Mini DV Camera, with IR Night Vision ,IR Distance: 30m (EU Plug)

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1. 2.4G wireless digital signal transmission, more than 250 frequency hopping, free from WIFI interference
2. Digital signal encryption transmission, good security
3. The barrier-free transmission distance reaches 200 meters and the partition wall distance is 30 meters.
4. 7inch high-definition LCD screen, the image display is clearer
5. Both the camera and the monitor have a built-in battery, which lasts longer than 2H.
6. Built-in baby sleep lullaby, can be controlled by the screen control camera
7. Monitor with temperature display, Celsius and Fahrenheit switching
8. Baby monitor with two-way intercom function
9. Notice: Do not use this apparatus near water.