Audio Portable Diamond Selector III Tester

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1. Diamond Selector III is a compact electronic device for distinguishing real diamonds from other simulated stones. It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing
2. Light weight and ultra-compact (with a size of credit card)
3. LED light and audio result indication
4. Accurate and reliable reading
5. Metal alert
6. Simple calibration for stones of various sizes
7. Convenient carrying case
8. Testing platform for loose stones
9. Testing capability: Diamonds / Diamond simulation (e.g.CZ) / Metal
10. Auto off: N/A
11. Initial warm up: about 20 seconds
12. Indicator: Audio and LED lamps
13. Power supply: 2 X AA batteries (not included)
14. Size: 84 x 53 x 14mm
15. Weight: 40g