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BOBOVR Z5 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Goggles Glasses Google Cardboard Bobo VR Headset for 4.7-6.2 Inch Smartphone

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R 758.03
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R 758.03
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  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses:No
  • FOV:120 FOV
  • Gesture Recognition:No
  • Wireless network Type:None
  • Sensor Type:None
  • Real-time Map Construction:No
  • Package:No
  • Bundle:Bundle 1
  • Ports:None
  • Base Stations:No
  • Viewing Experience:Immersive
  • Type:Binocular
  • Set Type:Glasses Only
  • Display Number:None
  • Controllers:No
  • Brand Name:bobovr
  • 3D Glasses Type:Virtual Reality
  • Camera:No
  • Model Number:BOBOVR Z5
  • Compatible Device:Smartphones
  • Function:VR Glasses
  • Function 2:3D Glasses
  • Function 3:Virtual Reality goggles
  • Competiable phone:google cardboard
  • Function 4:Android IOS phone
  • Function 5:4.7-6.2 inch Smartphones
  • Function 6:For max 120 FOV
Z5 is the new updated model of immersive VR headset form
BOBOVR, which is the first model contain visuak, audio and
compatible withe Daydream platform; Z5 can support smartphone
form 4.7-6.2 inches size(Just for reference, will based on the
smartphone outer shape size when suing),Put the phone into
the device then can experience the panoramic videos, games,
movies etc.

Size: 268*224*117mm
Audio: Stereophonic Hi-Fi earphone
FOV: 120°Max
Focus: Myopia: 0-600°
Hyperopia: 0-200°
Pupillary distance: 60-72mm
Compatible phone: 4.7-6.2 Inches

9-axis Somatosensory controller:
Size: 109.6*36*21.6mm
Power supplying: USB Charging
Sensor: accelerometer, gyroscope,magnetometer
VR Platform: Daydream Platform