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Bozlun B36 1.04 inch Color Screen Smart Bracelet, IP68 Waterproof,Support Heart Rate Monitoring/Menstrual Period Reminder/Call Reminder(Purple )

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1. Material: 6063 aviation aluminum / environmentally friendly silicone
2. Dimensions: main body length 39.50 mm, main body thickness 8.5 mm; strap 18.00x110 mm+18.00x95.0 mm
3. Product weight 31 grams
4. Using green light heart rate sensor, real-time heart rate detection
5. Record all-day exercise status, calculate walking distance, and calorie consumption
6. Record sleep data, silent vibration reminder
7. Incoming call reminder, mobile phone SMS synchronous push
8. Magnetic contact charging, support 5V interface and computer interface
9. IP68 waterproof, no worries about water sports
10. Unique menstrual period reminder, menstrual period-safe period-ovulation period-ovulation day, the physiological state is clear at a glance, the four states are displayed through image pictures and marked on the watch, and each period is well known