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CHUYI 12 inch LCD Writing Tablet High Brightness Handwriting Drawing Sketching Graffiti Scribble Doodle Board eWriter for Home Office Writing Drawing(Green)

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1. The electronic writing tablet is engineered to feel like writing with pen on paper, high quality LCD screen enables the lines be smoother and clearer, great gift for kids and adults.
2. Erase images and words with only touch of a button; The button is conveniently sealed and integrated into the tablet,
3. Eyes protection and Paperless designed drawing board is without electromagnetic radiation.
4. The drawing board is environmental friendly and non-pollution. It can erased over 50,000 times, you are no longer need to buy paper and pens.
5. Sealed CR2020 coin-cell battery ,can be replaceable, usually it can work for 1-2 years.
6. The writing board frame which is made from durable ABS plastic.It's easy to take in a purse, briefcase, scheduler or backpack anytime and anywhere.
7. Size: 28.3*18.5*0.5cm Weight: 195g