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Diamond Pattern Adjustable Sport Wrist Strap for FITBIT Charge 2, Size: L, 12.5x8.5cm(Bright Red)

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1. Premium Material: Made of high quality elastomer, prevents skin from irritation, soft, lightweight and durable, very comfortable to wear.
2. Multi Choices: Various Colors for your choices, personalize your Fitbit Charge 2 to fit your mood and outfit in daily life.
3. Buckle Design: Stainless Steel Buckle, easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely in place and a strap holder to secure the extra length.
4. Easy Installation and Removal: Band comes with watch Lugs on both ends compatible with Fitbit Charge 2, which locks onto watch interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation.
5. Size: 12.5x8.5cm