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Door Entry Control Power Supply For Electric Locks 0-30 Seconds (YH-K81)(Silver)

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1. The power to adopt import electronic components, the use of international advanced level of technology, its anti-interference ability, stable and reliable. The scope of application of the power applied to a variety of building intercom, access a variety of import and export controls, particularly applicable to a variety of electric locking drive.
2. Can reduce the load of access controller, save wiring to reduce the trouble
3. Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks
4. Based delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-30 seconds
5. Automatic protection function, unexpected situations such as when the power supply short-circuit occurs, the power may be temporarily disconnected or the fuse auto insurance line off
6. Operating temperature: -20C to +60C
7. Input Voltage: AC 110-250V 50-60Hz
8. Output Voltage: DC 12V 3A