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E27 3W 1080P LED Bulb Shape Wi-Fi IP Camera Wireless HD Home Security Panoramic 360 Degrees Light Sensing Bulb

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1. 360 Degrees wide-angle panoramic Lens of view,captures everything in the field of view. 1080P HD no blind area , applicable to different monitoring scenarios, 5 different viewing modes to look after your home, day and night. Night vision is up to 16-feet.
2. Motion direction: the security device includes HD live and record video, Integrated with LED illumination, when any motion is detected, security system will send alert message to you mobile phone via app immediately. Our camera bulb does not allow Cloud Backup/Recording and doesn''t support RTSP. Only support SD card to record picture / voice.
3. Remote control LED light: dimmable brightness control from anywhere with your phone, using the free APP V380S or V380 (works with iOS / Android). Easy installation and APP setup, remote the camera on smartphone via 4G network or WiFi.
4. Two-way intercom: two-way audio communication with the built-in speakers and microphone ,you can conduct 2 way communications. Communicate with family, friends and your pets by intelligent android and apple app, talk with them freely by the WiFi security camera.
5. Easy DIY setup: step by step installation videos and phone support for easy setup in 5 minutes. This camera completes wireless solution and wireless connection with WiFi router.