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Gas Sensor Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Warning LCD Carbon Alarm Detector

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Power Supply: 9V battery ( no include)
Sensor type: Electrochemical CO sensor
Temperature: 0~50 Celsius Degrees
Relative Humidity: 10%~95%
Detecting level range: 000~999PPM
Sensitive level: 5PPM
Error: +/- 10%
Normal working status: 000PPM
Alarm concentration: 030-999PPM
Battery status: Low battery warning
Product: 12.5x7.2x3.5cm

LCD Displays Carbon monoxide gas concentration (PPM) and clock (24-hour system).
DC 9V battery supply. (Battery is not included).
Battery remaining display and low battery notification.
Low current consumption, ultra-long standby time.
Human voice prompt and high reliable electrochemical sensor.
Alarm memory function (record up to 7 alarms) and auto detect sensor failure.

Reference standard:
EN (EN 50291)
50PPM, within 60 to 90 minutes;
100PPM, within 10 to 40 minutes;
300PPM, within 3 minutes;
400PPM, immediately
CO concentration more than 150PPM, within 5 seconds