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Home Security TV Deters Burglar Thief Prevention Device Built in LED Light, Support TF Card(Black)

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1. Home security TV simulate the TVa??s light and voice,to Create the impression, some one home and watching TV, Deters burglars
2. Built-in light sensor and timer, open and close automatically
3. Built-in card MP3 player and 2.0 speaker
4. You can put any voice into the micro SD card, music, human voice, animals voice
5. Voice less than 55 decibels,less than international noise standard.
6. Voice just be on 4 hours.No need worry to bother your neighbors in deep evening
7. 15-piece LED, low electricity consume
8. Input voltage: 100-240V AC
9. Output: 5V 1A
10. Speaker/RMS: 2W
11. Rated voice: 55 decibels
12. Voice format: Mp3, WMA, WAV
13. Memory: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
14. Led: 15pcs
15. Power consumption:average 4W during operating state
16. Timer:4 and 8 hours selectable
17. Packing list:
- 1 x Security TV
- 1 x 100-240V USB Adapter and USB cable.
- 1 x Manual