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KC-808 Wall Mounted Bluetooth 4.2+EDR CD Player with Remote Control, Support FM(Blue)

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R 1,137.04
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1. Classic Design : classic and elegant design, remote control, FM tuning radio, USB MP3, 3.5mm input / output jack, creative pullswitch and wall
2. Mounted design, making it an ornament on your wall and make your home artistic.
3. Good choice as a gift, a present for children, good friends, elders etc., and a good choice as a player in the classroom-Kindergarden / primary school, language learning, prenatal education, antenatal training, FM radio broadcast, USB / MP3 music player and home decoration .
4. Support CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA audio files from CD/USB flash disk, support AUX connections or bluetooth enabled devices, and all other audible devices via 3.5mm audio input jack
5. Using as a Bluetooth speaker, it becomes an HiFi Bluetooth speaker while connecting with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also you can output to other loud speakers syetem.
6. Dual speakers,high fidelity digital hi-fi amplifier output, rich layered sounds: The Crystal clear deep bass, HD loud treble, just the clear and natural sense of sound quality
7. Product size: 18.8cm x 18.8cm x 3.2cm

Packing List
1. CD Player x 1
2. Charger x 1
3. Hanging Backboard x 1
4. Remote Control x 1
5. Tripod x 1
6. User Manual x 1