Motorcycle Car Dual USB Mobile Phone Charger With Cigarette Lighter Interface Multi-function Digital Display Car Charger, Style:DYUK-2 Blue Light

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1. Material: PC flame retardant material
2. Scope of application: connect to 12-24V DC power supply, USB can charge mobile phones, tablets, navigators, etc., cigarette lighter
3. Input voltage: 12-24V
4. USB output voltage: 5V/5V
5. Output current: dual USB: 2.1A, 2.1A
6. LED digital display: red, blue, green
7. Cigarette lighter inlet power: 60W (can light cigarettes)
8. Wiring mode: the red wire is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black wire is connected to the negative pole of the power supply
9. Size: 7.5x6x3.3 cm
10. Weight: 158 grams

1. Real-time monitoring of voltage
2. Dual USB fast charging ports
3. Cigarette lighter allows cigarette lighter and electricity
4. Use standards for structure and circuit design in external environments
The 5.60mm power cord comes with a convenient replacement fuse box
6. Anti-flame retardant, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance

1. It is strictly forbidden to use electric vehicles with a power supply exceeding 24V
2. The charging cable must be a 4-wire standard standard data cable for USB fast charging
3. The voltage monitoring value will have a certain deviation when the product is fast charging (the voltage value is the most accurate when there is no load)
4. The cigarette lighter does not support long-term operation of air pumps over 60W (should be switched on and off)