Motorcycles / Bicycle Anti-theft Lock Alarm Disc Brakes Lock with Cable and Bag (Black)

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1. The lock is a dedicated designed 2 in 1 security alarm lock with electronic alarm and mechanical burglary protection system, use keys to turn on / off alarm device. suitable for disc locks on motorcycle, bicycle or scooter, luxury windows and doors as well.
2. High-decibel alarm sound: powerful chip power support, once the car is touched and vibrated, three warning sounds will be sounded, and a sharp and piercing alarm will continue to sound when the car is touched again, to deter thieves from unlocking and disarming the alarm.
3. The lock pin of about 6mm is suitable for most bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, etc. with disc brakes.
4. Built-in button battery.
5. Note:
- If the alarm sound is too low or the alarm fails to work normally or the program is not in order, please timely change the batteries.
- If the bolt loosed, please tighten it timely to avoid potential risk.