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Nut Mini Intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch(White)

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About the product
1. Smart Anti-lost: When nut mini is out of the safety range, your phone will beep to alarm you
2. Bidirectional Alarm: When the phone is left behind and out of safety range, Nut mini and your phone will both beep to alarm you
3. One Touch Find: Call Nut mini by pressing the "Beep" button on Nut App, Nut will beep for you to find it
4. Location Record: Nut App will show you the location where and when Nut got disconnected on the map
5. Item Find Network: No more anxious when item gets lost. Declare lost through Nut App, all the working Nut Apps will scan the items around them automatically. When your item is found, you will be notified of the location where it has been found. All these steps will be executed automatically while your privacy can be well protected.
6. Compatible with Android devices which support Bluetooth v4.3 or above system version
7. Compatible with iOS 7 system or above