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Original Huawei Honor Band 4 Standard Version Smart Bracelet, 0.95 inch OLED Color Screen, 5ATM Waterproof, Support Heart Rate Monitor / Sleep Monitor / Message Reminder(Black)

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1. Big touch screen, OLED pure color, use smooth 2.5D glass, display clearly visible in the sun, up to 45 chinese characters showing in one 0.95 inch screen, HOME button one touch and instantly back to band face.
2. Huawei TruSleep keeps you energetic, together with CDB, Harvard, it makes 8 demensions subreport, recognizes typical sleep problems / patterns, provides hundreds of sleep improve advices and customized services.
3. Swim posture recognition, 50m waterproof, auto detict main swim posture such as freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke, racks swim speed, turns, calories and so on.
4. Abundant modes, rally sports partners, outdoor running, walking and riding, indoor running, riding, pool swimming and free trainning, share and invite via Huawei Health APP to establish an active group for sports ranking.
5. SMS realtime remind, AI intimate assistant.
6. Skin frendly, wrist fit, along fashion easy, straps care about skin, comfortable for long time wearing, different colors optional such as meteorite black, midnight blue and coral pink, fool free detachable, horseshoe buckle design for firmer lock, not easy to lose.
7. Find phone via band, remote control selfie, when bluetooth is connected, touch band function find phone then your cellphone will ring, and you can easily get it.