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OS8818F Optical Fingerprint Door Lock, Replaceable Ball Lock, Zinc Alloy Material, with Mechanism Keys(Bronze)

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1. The fingerprint door lock adopts an optical sensor fingerprint head, which has stable performance, powerful function, and flexible and convenient use.
2. Fingerprint users are deleted and configured by users themselves to minimize security breaches.
3. This door lock is suitable for modern office, office building, high-rise residential apartment, villa, etc.

1. Model: OS8818F
2. Unlock way: Fingerprint, spare mechanical key
3. The number of users: 3 administrator fingerprints, 297 ordinary users
4. Door opening direction: Both left and right open door locks are suitable
5. Material: Zinc alloy, stainless steel latch
6. Latch specification: 60-70mm, American standard inclined latch
7. Power requirements: 4 x AA alkaline batteries 6V (Not included)
8. Low battery remind: 4.8V low voltage alarm
9. Standby current: 15uA-30uA, work current: 200mA
10. Applicable door thickness: 40-55mm
11. Surface treatment: Nickel wire drawing
12. Reverse-lock function: No

Package List
1. Front panel x 1
2. Fixed panel x 1
3. Rear panel x 1
4. Rear handle x 1
5. Front handle x 1
6. Lock core x 1
7. 60-70mm lock latch x 1
8. Lock rods x 1
9. Buckle box x 1
10. Buckle panel x 1
11. Key x 1
12. Screw Accessories x 1