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OVSEN H30 1.3 inch Round Color Screen Smart Watch, IP67 Waterproof, Support Sleep Monitoring/Two-way Anti-lost Etc, Silicone Strap(Silver Red)

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1. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth version BT4.0
2. Whether to support Bluetooth call: No
3. Chip: Realtek 8762C
4. Number of sensors + respective models: heart rate sensor Silan Micro SC7R30
5. RAM/ROM (pay attention to data correspondence, do not write reverse): 32KB/512KB
6. Waterproof rating: IP67
7. Support the number of dials: the watch has 5 built-in APPs with 88 dials and supports custom dials
8. ATM level: 5ATM
9. Functions: Function step counting, calorie consumption management, sleep management, time display, call reminder, sedentary reminder, smart alarm clock, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, blood oxygen, smart remote control camera, anti-lost, information push (SMS, Facebook, Twitter), event reminder
10. Whether to support sleep monitoring: Yes
11. Support sports mode: yes
12. The specific display of the phone message reminder: vibration and text display reminder
13. Whether it supports the following important APP reminders, please specify (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WeChat, Line, G-mail, etc.): WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WeChat, Line, G-mail Wait
14. Display type/size/resolution: round screen/1.28 TFT/240*240
15. Vibration or ringtone reminder: vibration
16. The maximum number of alarm clocks that can be set: 5
17. Battery capacity and battery type: 200mAh polymer battery
18. Charging time: 1-2H
19. Life time: 5-7D
20. APP English name (note the accuracy of capitalization): AdorHealth
21. Support Android or iOS specific version: IOS9.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above
22. Packing list: the language version of the instruction manual, 1*watch (including strap)+1*magnetic charging cable+1*Chinese and English manual
23. Whether the display is always on: support
24. Whether it has the functions of raising the hand to light the screen, turning the wrist to light the screen, etc.: Yes
25. Whether to support firmware upgrade: Yes
26. Whether to support Bluetooth headset: No
27. Dial material: zinc alloy + spherical tempered glass