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PA-476CH 2 Levels Adjustable PIR Motion Sensor for Home Security(White)

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High performance passive infrared motion detector, compact size and streamlined design is ideal for the security application. Auto pulse signal processing, 2 levels adjustable. Auto temperature compensation.

1. Auto pulse signal processing, 2 levels adjustable
2. Temperature compensation
3. 2nd generation Fresnel lens
4. Optional other lenses
5. High density SMD design
6. Additional Connector for EOL resistor
7. Fire resistant case
8. Sensor: Low noise, high sensitivity, dual element, PIR Sensor
9. Pulse Count (Sensitivity): Two levels auto pulse signal processing, 1~3 pulses or 2~6 pulse selectable
10. Temperature Compensation: Auto
11. Startup Time: 60 seconds after power up
12. Detection Speed: 0.2~7m/sec
13. Lens: Second generation Fresnel lens
14. White Light Immunity: Yes
15. Coverage: 12m x 110
16. Zones: 9+5+5+3=22
17. Installation Height: 1.1~3.1m adjustable
18. Alarm Indication: Green LED constant light 3 seconds (can be disabled)
19. Alarm Output: N.C., rating DC 28V, 0.15A
20. Anti-Tamper Switch: N.C., opens when cover removed, rating 0.15A, 28VDC
21. Power Input: DC 9~16V, 18mA
22. Operating Temperature: -10C~50C
23. Operating Humidity: 95%
24. Size: 100 x 70 x 45mm