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QSSK-858 Portable HD Noise Reduction Digital USB Stick Voice Recorder, Capacity: 8GB(Black)

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1. Recording time: about 18 hours when fully charged (depending on the environment)
2. Battery: Built-in 110MA-3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
3. Charging time: about 2 hours (red light is on, blue light is on when charging)
4. Recording file format: WAV
5. Recording and sampling speed record: 48KHZ
6. Bit speed: 192KBPS
7. Size: 65x20x8MM
8. Weight: 14g

1. Use as a USB flash drive when turned off and as a recording pen when turned on
2. Turn the switch down. After the red light stays on, it flashes off for a few times to start recording. It does not turn on during recording.
3. To end recording, turn the switch up, the red light flashes once, recording stops and saves
4. When the computer is powered off, connect to the USB port of the computer and click the file to play, save, delete, etc.
5. The unit has a time synchronization function, and the "property" of the recording file is displayed as the current recording time.

product manual:
1. Charging: When the USB pen recorder is connected to the computer USB port when it is off, the red light is on, the blue light is on, and the charging is complete
2. The recording file will be automatically saved when there is no power during recording to ensure data storage
3. If the memory is full, you can no longer record. The recorder will automatically save the file. Please clear the memory in time. So as not to affect the use
4. Start recording after turning on the recording for 10 seconds. Please turn on the recording after 10 seconds when the recording ends, because the main controller of the machine needs a few seconds to operate.