Recessed One-way Touch Switch Sensor Control Lamp Switch(White)

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Switch type: touch switch
Model: AY-EU-D601
Type: Type 86 European Standard
Weight: 0.2kg
Dimensions: 86mmx86mmx33mm (height x width x thickness)
Rated voltage: 110-240V AC
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated load: 3-300W/channel (SCR)
Processing chip: Smart MCU chip
Product material: tempered glass, ABS fire-retardant injection molding material
Packaging accessories include: 1 x switch, 2 x mounting screws, 1 x safety capacitor, 1 x manual

1. The tempered glass panel has a unique design and beautiful appearance; at the same time, it prevents the occurrence of safety hazards such as electric leakage and electric shock.
2. The panel design is diversified, with LED lights indicating the position of the switch in the dark.
3. The shell is made of ABS fireproof injection molding material, which effectively prevents the switch from accidentally catching fire and causing a fire.
4. Suitable for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, factories and other places.
5. Electronic start, changing the traditional mechanical switch sparking problem.
6. Humanized design, the power switch will automatically remain closed after a power failure.
7. Single live wire control, simple installation, no need to re-wiring, directly replace the original switch.
8. It can control all kinds of lamps on the market, such as incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, tube lamps, and LED lamps.