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RFID Blocking Card Stay Protected for Unexpected

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1. This smart card provides protection from electronic thieves attempting to steal your personal identity from your pay-wave debit or credit cards, ID cards and e-passports by manipulating the radio signals using e-field technology
2. Simply place this card so that it is blocking all other cards in your wallet
3. For additional security, sandwich the cards that need protect between two blocking smart cards
4. No battery required
5. Optimum credit card size to fit inside any wallet
6. E-field technology makes your personal data invisible to electronic thieves and hackers
7. This card has been tested to effectively block out RFID signals, we made no warranties either expressed or implied to provide 100% foolproof protection
8. Material: PVC PET ABS
9. Operating temperature: -20~50 Degrees Celsius(PVC)
10. Shielding distance: front and back 45mm effectively (according to the environment at the time)
11. Application areas: bank cards, ID cards, bus cards, subway cards, membership cards, health insurance cards etc.