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SANDA M1 1.4 TFT HD Screen Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof,Support Call Reminder /Heart Rate Monitoring/Blood Pressure Monitoring/Sedentary Reminder(Red)

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1. Model: M1
2. Main control chip: nRF52832
3. Screen: 1.4TFT HD screen
4. Waterproof: IP68 waterproof
5. Charging method: magnetic charging
6. Strap material: TPU material
7. Bluetooth: Low power consumption BLE4.0
8. Dial: metal sandblasting, wire drawing process
9. Internal storage: 512KB + 64MB,external expansion 65MB
10. Battery capacity: polymer lithium battery, 200mAh
11. TP: Full touch G + F, full fit, curved glass
12. Color:White ,Black ,Black rose gold ,Black silver , Red
13. Smart reminder: call reminder, SMS reminder, APP notification reminder,sedentary state reminder, etc.
14. System requirements: Android 4.4 and above, I0S8.0 and above,support Bluetooth 4.0
15. Supported languages: APP supports languages:Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian,Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese and other languages.
16. Weight: Net weight 70.5G , Gross weight 188G