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Secret Code Door Magnetic Sensor Anti-entry Security Alarm (KK-1255)(White)

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1. Supply battery: 2AAA alkaline batteries operation (not included)
2. Battery life: continuous standby for more than two years (switch 5 times per day basis)
3. Operating temperature: Less than -10~60
4. Working humidity: Less than 80%
5. Storage Temperature: -20~70
6. Weight: 0.08kg

Battery Installation:
1. Open the battery door, and loaded two AAA alkaline batteries.
2. When the battery after you install the unit will sound one long, one short a??Bea?|Bea??

Prompt the battery to a successful installation:
1. Please use alkaline batteries in order to get good use of effects, such as the use of other batteries can cause the battery use shorter or alarm sound.

1. Select windows and doors installation location, with water and a rag clear clean the mounting surface, the double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom and then the unit attached to the clean position.
2. Installed host, and then double-sided paste the magnet solid set in the host next to the door or door frame, pay attention please the magnets arrow at the arrow to the right host.

1. The machine is for indoor use, do not install in direct sunlight or rain, do not install in the region of high pollution or high humidity.
2. The magnetic sensor of the machine on the right side of the bodya??s mount the magnet in the right side of the machine and align the two arrows.
3. If the host is installed on the door, install the magnet on the door frame, turn, if the host is installed on the door frame should be a magnet mounted on the door, to ensure that the door is open magnet to leave the host to detect.
4. Ensure close the door the host and the magnet installation distance should not exceed 10mm.

Change your password (first time or replace the battery, do the following to change the password)
1. Make sure the unit is not alert (flashing LED every three seconds in the garrison state once).
2. Press "1" key more than 2 seconds, the machine will beep 1 short "Be", and the LED flashes prompted to enter the password to change the status.
3. Enter the old four-digit PIN (for the first time, to change the password please enter the factory default password "1234"), the machine prompts two short sound of "Be...Be", then enter the new four-digit PIN , the machine will ring three times "the Be...Be...Be" mention show the password change, please remember the new password.
4. Error in the process of enter a password, the machine will ring long and Du...", please repeat ""
5. Keep the battery when you forget your password split out two minutes after installing the battery the unit will restore the factory default password "1234".
6. After replacing the battery password will be restored to factory settings, change your password, please click on the above-mention operation.

Enter the delay time setting:
1. Native in the police state, the door was opened to the alarm there is some delay, this delay is used to input to the user to lift the machine into the password, factory setting is 3 seconds, when you first use based on your actual use of the situation set up this time,
2. Make sure the unit is not alert (security status LED flashes every three seconds).
3. More than two seconds. "2"key, the machine will beep 1 short "Be", and the LED flashes, suggesting that the delay to change the satus.
4. Then "1" key once, the machine will ring three times"Be...Be..。Be" prompt delay is changed to 0 seconds, the doors open alarm immediately, if you press the "2" key to change the delay for 3 seconds, "3" key to change the delay for five seconds, "4" key the delay is changed to 10 seconds.
5. Based on your intended use and operation of proficiency set this delay time.
6. When replacing the battery, please re-set the delay time,

Arming and disarming:
1. In standby mode, press ON/OFF button once, the machine will ring three times "of Bi of Bi of Bi" prompts the machine to enter the armed mode 15 seconds after the alert status and the LED will flash once every three seconds.
2. In the deployed state, enter the four personal password and then press the ON/OFF key, the unit will beep "of Bi..." sound prompts the machine had to withdraw from the deployment mode in this mode, the machine does not prompt outside of any function in addition to low power.
3. Alarm is triggered
4. Detected in the deployed status, such as the door changed to open the action