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Silicone Sport Wrist Strap for TomTom 1 Series Runner / Cardio(Black)

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1. This replacement bands cannot fit for TomTom Runner 2/ Runner 3.
2. Compatible with the following models: TomTom Multi-Sport + HRM/ TomTom Multi-Sport + HRM+CSS+AM/ TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch/ TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch/ TomTom Runner/TomTom Runner + HRM/ TomTom Runner Cardio (ONLY replacment bands)
3. Double Protection: Durable buckle to protect the band, avoid the band coming loose and falling off when sporting and exercise, the strap tail and the smooth round holes wont scratch your hand.
4. Adjustable Length: Many holes designed on band to adjust to suitable length, Length size: The length: 225mm and the width size: 22mm.