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SINORISE SR606 Mini Walkie Talkie Bank Restaurant Small Walkie Talkie(Silver)

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R 646.24
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1. Weight: 35g
2. Dimensions: 66×30×11 mm
3. Material: metal
4. Specifications: frequency range 400-470MHz, RF output power 1.0W, number of channels 22/14/8/25/16, communication distance 3km, rated voltage DC3.7V, transmit power 1W, receiving sensitivity -122dBm, channel interval 12.5 K/25KHz, antenna impedance 50Ω, battery capacity 640mAh, working temperature range -20-60 degrees Celsius
5. Place of use: banks, restaurants, factories, shopping malls, hotels, etc.
6. Features: beautiful and practical, exquisite and compact, easy to carry, 8 protection functions (temperature / short circuit / input overvoltage / input anti-reverse / output overvoltage / output overcurrent / battery overcharge / battery PTC protection), with clip Buckle, can be clipped on the neckline or waist, the sound quality is clear and loud, the intercom distance is long, the acceptance is stable, smooth and tough, wear-resistant and drop-resistant, durable
7. List: walkie-talkie, charging head (CN Plug), USB universal charging cable, headset, lanyard, manual