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SINORISE SR616 Mini Walkie Talkie Beauty Salon Restaurant Hotel Intercom

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1. Weight: 35g
2. Dimensions: 27×14×72 mm
3. Material: aluminum alloy
4. Application: mini walkie-talkies such as restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, etc.
5. Specifications: frequency range 400-470MHz, RF output power 1.0W, 22 channels, theoretical communication distance 3km, operating voltage 3.7V, frequency stability 2.5ppm, lithium battery 700mA, frequency range FRS/GMRS, frequency interval 5k /6.25k
6. Function: SQL eliminates environmental noise, voice report, CTCSS voice encryption, low power alarm, talk time about 48 hours, standby time 4-5 days, BCL anti-interference, CVC4.0 intelligent noise reduction
7. Features: beautiful and practical, exquisite and compact, 8 large chip protection functions (temperature / short circuit / input overvoltage / input anti-reverse / output overvoltage / output overcurrent / battery overcharge / battery PTC protection), hanging plastic speaker cloth , waterproof and dustproof, clear sound quality, strong heat dissipation, rust and leakage prevention, with clip, can be clipped on the neckline or waist