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SWA1 10A Home Automation Wireless Smart WiFi Socket, Support Smartphone Remote Control & Timing Switch & Alexa & Google Home

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R 238.84
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1. Support Alexa & Google home voice control.
2. Easy to connect and use.
3. It allows you to keep track of multiple appliances whenever and wherever.
4. Echo compatible function: The smart plug works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant to manage your devices through voice control.
5. Overcurrent protection: Protect your appliances from electrical spikes and surges, and prevent your phone overcharge, extending the battery life.
6. Support smartphone remote control: you can control your lamp, appliance or any other plug device through your mobile phone in an easy and efficient way.
7. Improve your life quality: Bring a lot of conveniences to your life, simple and convenient.
8. Timing function: You can set the cell timing task, and set for your time to switch. when you come home you can see your house the light is on.
9. Material: PC + fire prevention materials (750 degrees Celsius flame retardant).