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TH250 4 In 1 AC Wire Metal Studs Deep Wall Detector Handheld Metal Detector Stud Wood Beam Column Current Detector(Yellow)

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1. Material: ABS/PC
2. Weight: About 150 grams
3. Size: About 16.7x7.8x3.8 cm
4. Working voltage: 9V
5. Measuring range: 19-60 mm
6. Scope of application: Decoration inspection
7. Alarm mode: Sound and LCD screen prompt
8. Purpose: It can detect the center position of the wood stem, the metal position and the live wire in the wall of wood board and gypsum board
9. Power supply: 1 x 6F22 9V battery (need to purchase by yourself)
10. Features: LCD liquid crystal display, green backlight, clear reading, ABS material, comfortable touch, convenient operation, sound and LCD screen prompts, durable
11. Note: It is only suitable for testing gypsum plank partition walls. It cannot detect wires and metals in cement masonry walls, and cannot detect PC plastic pipes.

1. Detecting wood stem center gear: within 3/4 inch (19 mm), within 3/2 inch (38 mm)
2. Detection metal gear: 2.36 inches (60 mm)
3. Detect live wires in the wall: within 2 inches (51 mm)
4. All detection functions are equipped with AC warning function
5. The edge display of the wooden stem
6. All detection functions have automatic correction function