Burglar Display Holder / Anti-theft Display Stand with Remote Control for Mobile Phones with Micro-USB Port

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1. The S30 security alarm device with touch sensor for secured and high anti-theft to protect the display merchandise. It with built-in lithium battery that is can be good protect & charging for mobile phone, and good experience for customers.
2. USB upgrade to type-C interface, positive and negative direction stable and durable.
3. Alarm functions:
- Touch sensor release alarming
- Cutting cable release alarming
- Remove bottom release alarming
- Pull out the cable release alarming
4. Alarm volume: 100dB
5. Input voltage: 110-240V
6. Charging voltage: DC 5.5V 1A
9. Standby time: 3 days
10. Decoding ways: Infrared unlock
11. Size: 5.6x8x2.8cm