Universal Silicone Cap Air Hose Air Pipe Air Intake Hose Auto Parts, Inner Diameter: 8mm

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1. Inner diameter (ID): 8mm.
2. Thickness: 1.5-3mm.
3. Bursting Pressure: 2 Mpa.
4. Working pressure: 0.3 Mpa (43.5 PSI) at 0.9 Mpa (130.5 PSI).
5. Operation Temperature Range: -60C to 260C (degrees).
6. Silicone tube with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high transparency, resilience, compression-resistant permanent deformation, UV resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics.
7. Heat resistance: Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber and can be used almost forever without performance change at 150C(degrees).
8. Universal for: air inlet.