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USB Motion Detection Night Vision Home Security DVR Dome Camera with TF Card Slot, Support Loop Recording / Simultaneous Recording / Clock Adjustment(Black)

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1) Micro Processor ARM9 32-bit Microprocessor core

2) Video Encoding 3GP

3) Video Resolution VAG 640x480 pixel

4) Signal system Digital

5) S/N Ratio 48db

6) White Balance Auto

7) Camera Len: 3.6mm

8) HD Camera 300,000 pixel high-definition 1/4" CMOS image sensor

9) Storage Micro SD-card, max. support up to 32GB

10) Microphone Built-in

11) LEDs Built-in 24 IR LEDs

12) Viewing at night distance about 10-20 meters

13) Voltage AC 110 - 240V, DC 5V 1A


1) This camera is a complete video monitoring system. It has functions of video recording, motion detection, infrared monitoring at night time, photosensitive induction and circulating storage.

2) Simple operation, just plug into a wall power socket, it will auto start video recording, 24hrs x 7days standby

3) Smaller video size, using 3GP video format, video file size is smaller than avi or others

4) Motion Detection, recording video when object motion is detected, it can save storage space

5) Circular recording, when storage (Micro SD-card) is full, new video file will replace the first one, second, third and so on, never worry about run out of storage. Files will be saved in 30mins per file

6) Built-in infrared LEDs, 24 IR LEDs are built-in, clearly see objects in dark environment or at night time

7) Using external storage media, support Micro SD-card, video files are stored inside, Max. support up to 32GB (recommend using good quality cards, and the machine does not include a card by default)

8) A 4GB Micro SD-card can store upto 24hrs video files - 3.6mm camera LEN by default, the viewing angle is around 95 degree, 2.8mm camera is another option its viewing angle is 110 degree

9) To playback video, just take out the card plug it into computer (a card reader is included)

10) Item Dimension : 92mm

11) Suitable for security surveillance at homes, schools, shops, shopping malls and factories and so on

12) Also good for used on Taxi or Bus for surveillance purpose