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VC60B Plus Megohm Meter Original Insulation Resistance Testers with High Quality

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1. Advantages of using VC60B+ megohm meter:
- VC60B+ megohm meter supports us high change rate, inductance energy-DCV converter.
- Uses can change 9 V to DC 250 V / 500 V / 1000 V freely.
- Meanwhile, VC60B+ megohm meter adopt digit-bridge resistance measurement for measuring electric insulation resistance, which ensures users more accurate testing figures.
2. Features of VC60B+ megohm meter:
- VC60B+ megohm meter with large LCD display screen for us to easily and correctly readout.
- Wide measurement range for VC60B+ megohm meter meets us large majority of demands.
- VC60B+ megohm meter provides users high stability and reliability figures.
- LCD display VC60B+ megohm meter needs low power consumption but support clear readout.
- VC60B+ megohm meter is light in weight and it is compact construction, so that user can do easy operation.
- Auto power off and asleep mode of VC60B+ megohm meter enable us environmental working tasks.
3. General specifications of VC60B+ megohm meter:
- Display: 60 x 32 mm (2.36 x 1.26 inch) large window LCD with maximum reading of 1999
- Over range indication: MSD "1" display
- Power supply: One 9 V PP3 battery
- Power Consumption: unload consumption is less than 300 mW
-Operating Humidity: 30% ~ 85% RH