VONETS WiFi-SB-L3 3 Layers with 8 Outlets + 2 USB Ports + RJ45 Port 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Smart Power Sockets, EU Plug, Cable Length: 2m(Gold)

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WiFi-SB-L3 is a 3D stereo smart wifi power socket,together with power charge,WiFi repeater,WiFi router function.
1. 3D stereo smart wifi power socket.
2. Rated current: 10A.
3. Nominal voltage: 250V.
4. Rated power: 2500W.
5. USB output:DC5V, 2A.
6. 2A charger,automatically suit for most smart phones and laptops.
7. Support WiFi router mode and WiFi intelligent bridge mode.
8. WiFi intelligent bridge function, wired to wireless, wired to wireless smart switch.
9. In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it supports WiFi hot spot scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function.
10. Completely external, standard RJ45 Ethernet connections, without driver can be used to access any IP devices.
11. Using IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11n technology.
12. 300Mbps transfer rate.
13. Support WEB remote firmware upgrade, can get the latest firmware for free.
14. Original creation VDNS virtual domain configuration technology solves the user's trouble of configuration.
15. Support WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 security mechanism.
16. Support more than 20 simultaneous connections WiFi terminals.
17. No barrier transmission distance: 100 meters.

Basic Functions
1. Wireless Switch
2. SSID broadcast switch
3. Frequency Selection: 1-14
4. WiFi mode selectable: 11n only, 11 bgn mixed, 11 bg mixed, 11g only, 11b only
5. WiFi hotspots automatically scan
6. WiFi hotspots memory

Working Modes
1. Smart WiFi bridge mode:
- AP Station Mode
- AP Client Mode
2. Repeater mode, extend the transmission distance of WiFi
3. WiFi routing mode

Wireless Security
1. WiFi MAC address filter
2. WiFi Security function switch
3. 64/128/WEP encryption
4. WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 security mechanism

WAN Port Settings
WAN port connection type supported: PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, L2TP, PPTP

WiFi router mode:
1. IP and MAC address binding against ARP attacks (WiFi router mode support)
2. IP address filter (WiFi router mode support)
3. Domain filter (WiFi router mode support)
4. Mac address filter(WiFi router mode support)

Forward Rules
1. Port forwarding (WiFi router mode support)
2. Virtual Service (WiFi router mode support)
3. DMZ Host (WiFi router mode support)

System Function
1. Restart device
2. Reset factory
3. Administrator account and password revise
4. Firmware upgrade