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X-shaped Diamond-studded Solid Stainless Steel Wrist Strap Watch Band for Samsung Gear S3(Gold)

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R 516.72
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1. Material: watchband: aluminum alloy head grain: stainless steel.
2. Special points: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body and long service life and other characteristics.
3. Advantages: long service life, no skin irritation, etc.
4. Usage: suitable for parties, festivals and promotions, suitable for people of all ages.
5. Feel good, perfect fit.
6. A variety of patterns to choose.
7. Product size: 125-190mm wrist circumference.
8. Connector + watchband length: 171MM watchband head width: 22MM.
9. Notice: Host not Included.