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ZY108 Medium Power Wireless Remote Control Handle Drying Rack Lifting 433 Remote Control

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1. Weight: 30 grams
2. Scope of application: electric doors and windows, water pumps, barriers, driving, lifting hangers, etc.
3. Dimensions: 92x40x15 mm
4. Launch distance: 80 meters (open)
5. Working voltage: 12V
6. Working current: 35-40mA
7. Working frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz (optional)
8. Transmitting power: 8-10mW
9. Encoding chip: PT2262 (fixed code), EV1527 (learning code)
10. Material: ABS
11. Modulation method: ASK
12. Features: beautiful and practical, wide applicability, simple and convenient operation, wear-resistant and fall-resistant, durable