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1 inch to 9/ 8 inch Gas Engine Pulley Crank Shaft Sleeve Adapter Predator with 1/4 inch Keystock

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1. Alters motors with a different diameter shaft.
2. Alters pulleys for a different speed or belt.
3. Reduces the necessity of buying a new motor or pulley to maintain existing components and speed/power requirements.
4. Adapts larger wheel bores to smaller axels.
5. Works with Gas Engine Crank Shafts to enlarge the crank diameter to fit pulleys, gear boxes etc.
6. Specification:
Sleeve inside diameter 1 inch
Sleeve outside diameter 1-1/8 inch
Sleeve length is about 3 inch
Sleeve Keyway slot 1/4 inch
Keystock Length is about 2 inch
7. The sleeve and keystock are designed to slip fit on your 1 inch diameter crankshaft with 1/4 inch keyway and enlarge it to 1-1/8 diameter with 1/4 inch keystock.
8. Material: iron