10 Sets 6 Pins Way Sealed Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug Terminal Car Auto Set

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1. Practical, durable, easy to use
2. Great for automobile, scooter, truck, quad bike, caravan, marine, jet ski, boats, etc
3. Suitable for high low temperature - 25-85 Celsius work and the rain impact environment
4. All kinds of line connection of automobile, motorcycle, machinery and equipment, etc all can use

1. Color: Black
2. Voltage:300V
3. Current:12A
4. Material: PA66
5. Shape: Rectangle
6. Function: Water-proof
7. Hole location: Two holes
8. Contact Pin Width: 1.5 mm
9. Working Frequency: Low Frequency
10. Suitable For Wire Specifications: 1.5 square below

Manual measurement, please allow 0.1 ~ 0.5 mm difference

Package Included:
10 X Six Pins Female Connector Housing And Insert
10 X Six Pins Male Connector Housing And Insert
120 X Silicon Rubber Cable Seals
60 X Female Terminals
60 X Male Terminals