100 PCS 5Amp 7.5Amp 10Amp 15Amp 20Amp 25Amp 30Amp Mini Add-a-circuit Fuse Tap Adapter Blade Fuse Holder

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1. Low profile allows for extra clearance. for use with ATM mini low profile blade fuses.
2. No splicing or wire cutting necessary to install your electronic accessories.
3. Turns one fuse slot into two while providing protection for both circuits.
4. Plugs into an existing fuse holder. protects original circuit and provides a wire lead for the new circuit
5. Provide some different types to be selected
6. Red is for 10 amp, blue is for 15 amp, yellow is for 20 amp, transparent is for 25 amp, green is for 30 amp, grey is for 5 amp, orange is for 5 amp