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103 Mini Strobe Siren Durable Home Security Alarm System (Blue)

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1. Made of ABS material, solid and durable.
2. Designed for the those who need strobe light and large volume.
3. Compact and mini size, lightweight and portable.
4. Very practical, cost-effective, completed configuration and easy to use.
5. Provides automatic voice or SMS message as notifications for incidents.
6. Widely used in homes, factories, schools, shops, financial and banking workplace.
7. Suitable for community center and residential area to protect valuable assets.
8. Connect the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole.
9. Lighting frequency: 150 times/min
10. Rated sound pressure:(dB/30cm) 110
11. Product size: 12.3x7.2x4.5cm