107 in 1 Car TR412 TR413 TR414 TR418 Tire Nozzle Car Tire Valve Caps Valve Core Wrench & 4 in1 Valve Core Screwdriver Replacement Repair Kit

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1. Material: rubber + copper + aluminum
2. Type: tubeless valve
3. Installation method: snap-on
4. Core cavity: ordinary core cavity
5. Features: high temperature resistance, aging resistance
6. Package contains: TR412 x 8
       TR413 x 8
       TR414 x 8
       TR418 x 8
       Car valve cap x 40 (five colors)
       Tire valve core x 32
       Valve core wrench x 1
       Four-in-one valve core screwdriver x 1
7. Applicable models: TR412 TR413 TR414 universal sedan
           TR418 universal truck + disassembly tool
8. Features: car tire valve arrangement repair tools, home car tire repair kit
9. Note: Be sure to check if the valve should be installed before use.