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10A Single Channel WiFi Smart Switch Wireless Remote Control Module Works with Alexa & Google Home, AC 90-250V

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1. Support Amazon Alexa, Google Home for voice control.
2. Support multiple mobile phones, support "one-to-many" and "many-to-one" remote control.
3. One-click sharing function allows you to share multiple devices for sharing with friends.
4. Real-time feedback, multiple mobile phones can feedback the on/off status of the switch in real time without worrying about confusion.
5. The network can also be controlled by mobile phone without worrying about the Internet and making it uncontrollable.
6. Countdown function, intelligent timing switch on and off.
7. The timing function can be set to repeat the execution of the time period. The timing device stores the local chip and can be executed without any network.
8. Mobile APP remote control, through the Internet China can control local US equipment and feedback status in real time.
9. Anti-surge protection can avoid the impact of thunderstorms on equipment.
10. There is a linkage function between the device and the device. When the A switch is turned on, the B switch can also be turned on or off by itself; no manual is required.
11. The intelligent scene mode can be set. The phone button mode can be executed with one button, and the manual button device switch can also activate the smart mode.
12. The operation interface is simple and clear, and can be used by the elderly.
13. App software supports Android, iOS system, simple interface, one-button switch, easy to operate.
14. Professional heat dissipation design, high quality material accessories, long service life.
15. WiFi connection: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
16. Maxload: 10A/2200W.
17. Product size: 88mm x 39mm x 23mm.