1200W 10GA Car Copper Clad Aluminum Power Subwoofer Amplifier Audio Wire Cable Kit with 60Amp Fuse Holder

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1. Low noise and distortion.
2. High power and good performance.
3. Easy to install with all cables and accessories.
4. Complete audio wire kit for car power amplifier and subwoofer installation.
5. Increases the audio system power of your car.
6. Protect your audio system from damage by the overload current with a fuse holder.

1. 17FT blue power cable
2. 3FT black ground cable
3. 17FT clear blue RCA cable
4. 25FT sspeaker wire
5. 17FT blue remote turn-on wire
6. 1 AGU fuse holder + 60Amp agu fuse

Hardoware pack:
1. 5/16 gold ring terminal
2. 1/4" gold ring terminal
3. #10 gold ring terminal
4. (4) gold speaker terminal
5. (3) grommets
6. (20) 4*cable tires
7. (2) sele-tapping screws
8. The length of audio cable: 4.5m; length of power cable: 4.5m; length of ground cable: 0.6m; length of control cable: 4.5m