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15.6 inch 1080P 178 Degree Wide Angle HD Portable Display Device for Desktop Computer / Game Console / Simultaneous Screen / PS4 / PS3 / XBox, with Mini HDMI & Micro USB & 2 USB-C / Type-C Interfaces

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1. Intimate pen holder hole and bracket design to improve the portability of the product.
2. The leather case is made of environmentally-friendly high-quality fabric, non-slip, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant.
3. 1080P+HDR can bring more light and dark details to the picture, the contrast and layering are improved, and the sharpness, brightness and color are significantly improved.
4. 178-degree wide viewing angle, from the front and side, the color is also full.
5. No splash screen technology to reduce the harmful blue light effect and improve viewing comfort.
6. Full-featured Type-C interface, support for power supply, signal transmission, first-line connection to screencast movies, play games, one line to achieve laptop split screen / mobile screen cast (two mode switch).
7. Adapt to a variety of game consoles, suitable for game consoles such as PS4/XBOX ONE/Switch.
8. 9.5mm slim body, not only can be placed on the bed to play games, watch movies, but also to travel, travel.

1. Screen size: 15.6 inches.
2. The best resolution: 1920RGBx1080P.
3. Screen ratio: 16:9 (widescreen).
4. HD standard: 1080P (Full HD).
5. Panel type: IPS full view.
6. Backlight type: W-LED backlight.
7. Product size: 356x224x9mm
8. Product weight: 746 grams (without leather case).