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2 Pin PTT Adjustable Volume Motorcycle Helmet Headset Microphone for BAOFENG Radio Walkie Talkie

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R 370.34
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1. Brand new and high quality.
2. It is a headset of motorcycles, bicycles, ATV's for two way radios, includes two speakers that allow attached inside the helmet anywhere.
3. The PTT can be buckled on a vehicle Steering bar and quickly activated.
4. This ensures you can remain in contact with colleagues at all times and relay instructions or share information at the press of a button.
5. This earpiece is made from components and materials that are durable, reliable and ensure the earpiece won't let you down in the middle of an emergency or challenging situation.
6. When you don't want to out your safety of that of team members at risk from relying on cheap, poor quality equipment, this earpiece is the sensible choice.
7. It will provide you with the sound performance you can rely and the durability that ensures it will continue working in even the most challenging environments.
8. For professional users: Racing driver, cycling enthusiasts, police, officer fireman military personnel FBI / CIA / secret agents Bodyguard, And Great for use in police, military, security, bouncer.